Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show 2011

This year marked the eleventh year of the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show.  It gets bigger and stronger every year, with more and more exhibitors showcasing their products. This year a few bloggers were invited on the Friday evening to see Gary and George from Masterchef do a live cooking demonstration.     We were also treated to a nice visit and chat session with Poh Ling Yeow from Mastercherf season 1.    She told us what her up and coming projects were and answered some of our questions.  We were all so excited to see Poh.  She is so lively and genuine in real life.  After the session we all jumped at the chance to have our photos taken with her.

We were also ushered to the Ingham Turkey Bar.   They had samplers of mini turkey burgers all day.  I had a Mediterranean turkey burger and it was very tasty.  A great substitute for a chicken burger.

I enjoyed the show so much that evening that I went back on Sunday with Hubby, Deanna and my Mother-in-law.

There were lots of samples to see and eat and we made our way through some of the stalls.  

There were lots of cooking demonstrations going on at different kitchens.  Apart from George and Gary, I saw Miguel Maestre and Jill Dupleix.

Jill DupleixWe had a good time at the show this year.  Looking forward to next year’s event.

Bon Appetite,


3 thoughts on “Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show 2011

  1. woah another quick post! I don’t think I took many photos this year… it was so nice and quite on Friday then the crowds put me off on the weekend! Still it was lots of fun!

    Maybe we will take a slow cruise around next year, with Deanna 😉 x

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