Spanish Doughnuts: A Whole lot of Churros

How many churros can you eat in 2 minutes?  I was asked this question.  I had to think about it.  Though I love churros very much, I don’t think I will be able to eat as many as I would like to.

Churros has only started to be enjoyed by Australians lately. A few churros stores and food trucks have popped up around Melbourne giving the locals a try of these crunchy fried dough pastry.

I was unfamiliar with churros until my visit to America many years ago and saw them in push carts around tourist places.  Even then, I didn’t know what they were and wasn’t too keen on trying them.

Fast forward about a few years later, I had my first taste from the first store I store and fell in love with them.

I had an opportunity to attend a Churros tasting at Spanish Doughnuts.  We were offered a plate full of chocolate covered churros called Bombons

To be honest, I can’t remember everything we tasted but they were all delicious.  I think my favourite one was the peanut butter one (pictured on the right in the middle row).  I don’t usually like peanut butter in my sweets and dessert (I know, I’m crazy) but it didn’t have the  “stick-to-the-top-of-your-mouth” texture that I don’t like.

After downing all those bombons, you’d think that it would’ve been enough but we were looking for the classic churros.  Then this arrived at our table.  The churros was crispy and covered in chocolate and caramel and dusted with icing sugar.  How can you go wrong with that?

If you think you can eat more churros in 2 minutes than anyone else, go here and register your interest. Please read the terms and conditions before entering.

I attended the Churros tasting at Spanish Doughnuts courtesy of Food Pampering.

Spanish Doughnuts

9 Elizabeth street,


Bon Appetite,


18 thoughts on “Spanish Doughnuts: A Whole lot of Churros

  1. omg i feel sick just looking at all those churros again…. I don’t want to eat churros for another 2 years at this rate 😛 although those fresh ones we had at the end were good 🙂

    i shall not be registering…. nooooo thank you 😛

  2. I love churros especially when they are still hot. My goodness, Spanish Doughnuts offers that many variety of churros? That is what I call “churros heaven.” 🙂 Thank you for sharing Cherrie!

    ~ ray ~

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  4. I’ve never seen so many kinds of churros! Churros drizzled in chocolate, caramel and sugar are just dangerous ..

  5. I can’t believe you guys had churros for dinner! I couldn’t just eat sweet things for dinner, hence why I had to eat something before all that chocolate the other night!

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