Melbourne Pizza Festival 2013

I love Melbourne. It’s a foodie heaven. There’s always something going on in this city of mine.

The event I want to let you all know that is happening this very moment is The Melbourne Pizza Festival!!


The festival is all about celebrating authentic Italian pizza, its history and cultural significance, plus of course bringing people together to enjoy the most delicious pizza in town.

Festival organiser, Matteo Rubbettino is a food journalist who splits his time between Melbourne and his Italian homeland. He explains “I created the Pizza Festival to help showcase the skill and passion behind artisan pizza-making, and as a way of educating Australians about the regional pizza variations so fondly eaten around my country. Every place you go has a particular product, like a fingerprint, which is a result of preferences in process, ingredients, tools and craft.”

The festival is currently on until the end of the month. The idea behind the Pizza Event, is to try as many different authentic Italian style pizzas as you can.  For this reason, a selection of Australia’s best pizzerias will be taking part during the festival.  Each event is $2o which will get you a pizza and a beer/wine/soft drink or for $50 you can try 3 different pizzerias.

For more information and to book your seat in various events during the pizza Festival visit their site

I’ll be attending various events so stay tuned for my review

Buon Appetito,


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