Sydney Holiday in Pictures

During Easter this year, we (Hubby, myself and the 2 munchkins) spent a few days in Sydney. Hubby and I have driven to Sydney many times before but this was the first time we took the 9hour drive with two small children.

We left home Thursday evening and arrived in Sydney on Good Friday. The kids were very good during the road trip and slept most of the way there.

The trip was mostly about eating and children-related activities.

As soon as we checked into our motel, we unpacked the car and headed out again. We had lunch at the famous Bourke street Bakery in Surrey Hills.
We had: chorizo pizza (top left), roast beef, chilli and coriander jam sandwich (top right), pork and leek sausage roll (middle left) and a honey roasted ham, cheddar, onion pickle, parsley mayo and rocket sandwich (bottom).
We also had the chocolate tart. Soooo good!
Next, it was onto to Gelato Messina for dessert. The highlight was the mini me ice cream dessert (bottom right)
As if that wasn’t enough, we headed off to Chinatown for the Friday night market. I couldn’t really eat much as we were so full already.

Next day (Saturday) we headed to Westfield Sydney as I have heard yummy things about the food court there. However, we were there too early for any of the cafes or stores to be opened so we wondered downstairs and I found this delicious grilled beef salad. It was a great find.

We then went to the aquarium where the children enjoyed and learnt about the different fish and sea creatures.
Before heading back to the motel for a much needed rest, we drove up to Manly for the essential visit to Zumbos. I bought his macarons. One of each, of course. In Zumbos these are called Zumbarons! Also got one of the infamous V8 cake and the citrus cake.
For dinner that night, we went to Chef’s Gallery. I found out about this place through instagram where I saw many wonderful photos of their food.
We had: Top: shredded peking duck roti.
Bottom left to right: wok fried rice and shredded pork and lettuce. Mini pork fillet burger. Boneless pork ribs topped with pork floss, corn cereal and roasted garlic. Handmade noodles with BBQ pork and soy sauce.

This was the reason why we went to Chef’s Gallery. This dessert is so popular that you have to pre-order when you make your booking. It is their signature “piggy face” sesame bun with marshmallow bunnies set in an edible garden served with berry and mango ice creams. Not only delcious but also very cute.

Every Saturday night, darling harbour holds spectacular fireworks. Darling harbour looks so pretty at night.

Sunday was another busy day for the family. We spent most of the day at Taronga zoo where we arrived by ferry.

My favourite animal at the zoo.

Lunch was Pad Thai at The Rocks.

Deanna and I shared a corn on the cob at The Rocks weekend market.

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Sydney even though it was a short stay. Thank you Sydney for your hospitality. Hope to see you again very soon.

Bon Appetite,



2008 Holiday Part 1 – Tonbridge

I’ve finally got around to posting some of the pics from our month-long Holiday. You can see more on the Little one’s site, starting from the last day here.

After a 9 hour flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong and then a 13 hour flight from HK to London we drove to Maidstone to spend some time with hubby’s Nan. That was our base for a week making it easy to get to London and our first stop of the holiday, Tonbridge, hubby’s old home town.

After our stay at Maidstone we drove along the south-west along the coast to the New Forest where we spent a few nights. From there we drove to Bodmin, Cornwall for a few more nights, and then to Cheltenham via Bath and Cheddar. After a trip to Wales it was on to Blackpool via Manchester & Liverpool. We then drove up to Edinburgh for a night, and then back down to Scarborugh for a night, until finally returning to Maidstone for another week.

We went to Paris for the day before a 4 night stop at Hong Kong and some amazing food & shopping. But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. Back to the beginning of our trip, Tonbridge…

Tonbridge Castle
Tonbridge High Street

We found this Bakery called Baker’s Oven.

It brought sweet memories back to Hubby as he used to have the Swiss finger when he lived here. So that’s what he had. I went for the Caramel doughnut. It wasn’t really a doughnut as it was more shaped like a finger. None-the-less, it was delicious. (From what I can tell, since the Little One had most of it)

Bon Appetite,


2008 Holiday Part 2 – Maidstone Surroundings

Larkfield Tesco’s… a major supermarket chain in the UK.

So big that that they even had a Krispy Kreme booth.

Paddock Wood…

Dunorlan Park…

In Paddock Wood, we found another Baker’s Oven and bought more sweet goodies. Hubby had the Belgian bun and to be honest I can’t remember what mine was called but I do remember that it was reamed filled, light and luscious.

Throughout our stay in the UK, we mostly brought our own lunch which saved us a small fortune. The food is not necessarily expensive but the exchange rate wasn’t on our side. We mostly made sandwiches made with left over roast chicken, smoked hams and turkeys but we treated ourselves with sweets and snacks along the way.

I do have to say though, everyday after a tiring day of being tourists, we were very lucky to come home to Nan’s home cooking. Nan’s cooking was comfort food that made you forget the sore feet and the tired body. We were treated with good ol’ fashioned shepherd’s pies, Lamb roasts and fish and chips. Thanks Nan!

Bon Appetite,

2008 Holiday Part 3 – Brighton

Brighton is a seaside city in East Sussex in South East England. Brighton is famous for it’s pier and The Grand Hotel, where there was an assassination attempt on Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister.

Had to have fish and chips on the Pier.

Little One had Fairy floss

I had to try the local delicacies. I wasn’t brave enough to give the jellied eels a go but I did have the cockles. I found them at one of the seaside booths which were scattered along the promenade.

I had mine with Malt vinegar and shallots. Very tasty.

Bon Appetite,

2008 Holiday Part 4 – Crown Inn & Folly Tea Rooms

Crown Inn in Lyminton, New Forest.

I found that in England, there are pubs at every corner there like we have fast food restaurants.
All were advertising “Now serving food” and how they are home cooked.

We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at the Crown Inn which was literally around the corner form our self catering cottage.

Hubby went for the Roast shoulder of lamb with mint jus and garlic mash. The meat we meltingly tender and fell off the bone. The garlic mash was to die for too.

I opted for the Roast Cod with herb and cheese crust, which was served with roasted vegetables. We also ordered a side of steamed vegies which included new potatoes. I have fallen in love with new potatoes. We can’t get them here for some reason. They are abundant in Spring and we were there just the right time. They are best cooked simply boiled in their skins and served with a little butter and seasoning.

We decided to splurge and go all out and order dessert too. I made a great choice and had the banana creme brulee. There was a layer of sliced banana at the bottom then topped with custard and then the lovely sugar crust on top. I loved the sound it made with I broke it with my spoon.

Hubby had the Lemon tart with the lemon sorbet. Lemon tarts are one of Hubby’s favs and I’m glad to say that this one didn’t disappoint. The sorbet was very lemony and sour and complimented the tart really well.

Folly Tea Rooms in Bodmin, Cornwall.

When in Cornwall, you cannot go past the Cornish Cream tea. This consists of Tea ( in my case Latte), scones, jam and clotted cream. The jam is traditionally raspberry and the clotted cream is always from Cornwall.

Bon Appetite,

2008 Holiday Part 5 – Padstow

Padstow (or as some call it PadStein) is a small seaside town in Cornwall. This once sleepy town was made famous by Rick Stein, a restaurateur and TV Chef. In Padstow he has 4 restaurants. The Seafood Restaurant, St. Petroc’s Bistro, Rick Stein’s Cafe and Stein’s Fish and Chips. He also owns a deli, patisseri, gift shop, a cookery school and serveral B&Bs.

The Seafood Restaurant.

Stein’s Patisseri

Stein’s Cafe and gift shop

Stein’s Deli

Stein’s Cookery School

Just to show you that there were other stores and businesses in Padstow, we went here, Pasty Presto to try out a traditional Cornish Pasty.

We decided not to have lunch at a Stein establishment. We saw this quaint little fish and chip shop a couple of streets inland and had our lunch here.

Bon Appetite,

2008 Holiday Part 6 – England South West & Wales

Cornish Cydar Farm in Cornwall.

This was a working Cyder Farm where they produce Cyder and Jams. It was free to get in but for a few pounds you can go on a tour of the farm.

They also sold the local ice cream. Little one and Hubby shared a Raspberry and Clotted cream one.

On our way to the Cotswolds we stopped at Bath…

The Roman Baths and Pump House

For 50p you can try the spring water that supply the water in the Roman Baths. The water was warm and tasted and smelled of sulphur. I didn’t like it but at least I can say that I had some water from the Roman Baths.

Another stop on the way to the Cotswold was Chedder, in Somerset.
Unfortunately there is now only one company in Cheddar that make Cheddar. Cheddar Cheese is a semi hard, sharp tasting cheese. Cheddar is the most popular cheese in England today.

Our next stop over was Cheltenham, in the Cotswolds. We were getting tired of sandwiches and chips so we decided to have Indian for dinner one night. We found this restaurant on the main street from the town centre to our cottage. Kings Balti Palace.

We had Chicken Korma, Lamb Vindaloo ( which made Hubby sweat as it’s a lot hotter than they make here at home), bombay aloo (potatoes), pilau rice, naan and poppadoms.

Tintern Abbey, Tintern, Wales.

Bon Appetite,